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please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me.
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Today I realized how much I appreciate graffiti on bathroom stalls because it makes me aware of how normal everyone is and how was all feel the same way.
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"Lets pretend I'm attractive and then
You won't mind, you can twist for a while.
It's the night, I can be who you like
And I'll quietly leave before it gets light.
So twist and whisper the wrong name,
I don't care nor do my ears.
Twist yourself around me
I need company, I need human heat.
I need human heat."
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he's thrown himself at me for the past six months and i wanted nothing to do with it. now he's in toronto visiting his new girlfriend and i've never been lonelier. why am i so incompressible. i want to be a person, just like all the pretty girls.
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i bought a new camera.
it cost $1600.
it was worth every penny.
i'm in love with it.
spring break is over.
i go back to school tomorrow.
i want to make a movie.
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i liked the ocean so much because it reminded me how small and irrelevant i am. its oddly comforting.
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i love everything about my major.
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i like my life.
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i am directly related to the rib cage.
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this is why i love my friends and college.

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